(We'll keep publishing past videos and re-shoot some decent pieces.)

    Thank You for the best years of Contemporary Art.
    The multidisciplinary xxx_group was engaged with site-spesific live-arts form 2007 to 2013. The group specialized in performing in public spaces and presented new shows annually. In time the group was disillusioned by the concept of site-spesific art and argued that performances made in this conceptual framework, are best suited for shopping centers and other globally identical venues – Where the performers, arriving from a different cultural context may find features to honestly identify with. 
    At it’s peak the performances the group execute lasted for over 14 hours non-stop. During this time the group presented some 60 separate performance pieces for changing audiences, some of which might not even notice the groups actions. Each separate performance will be documented and these documentations presented a day after the performances. 
    Previous events on video.
    Previous events as photos.

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